Hey there, I'm Andy, I'm a Motion Designer from the North with a flare for the conceptual and all things weird.



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Motion Designer at Northforge Studio - July 2018 - Present
Working as a generalist Motion Designer primarily using Houdini and After Effects.
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    Freelance Motion Graphic Artist - June 2011 - Present
    For the past few years, I have completed commission work for a number of clients. My clientele includes: Fifth Planet Productions; A small media production company in Huddersfield, ProhibitionPR; A PR team in Leeds, Mineworks Enterprise (Mineworks Animations); a Latvian animation studio, Bar Nation; a street workout company, Stag and Dagger Tattoo Studio, and big name YouTube content creators such as, Joey Graceffa.

  • Worked alongside Fifth Planet to create infographic animations for clients such as Huddersfield University, Leeds Beckett University and the NHS
  • Consulted with many employees at ProhibitionPR and created solutions for GIF branding on social media; Clients include: Goldsmiths, Keepmoat and Watches of Switzerland
  • Consulted with Mineworks Enterprises Latvian character animation team & created their brand logo and video introduction for their online shows "The Village" and "Steve's Adventures"
  • Creating a video introduction for BarNation's web shows
  • Consulting and designing video introductions for both Joey Graceffa's Gaming Youtube channel and short film "Ethereal" by New Form Digital
  • Consulted with Tattoo Artist Lewis Hazlewood and worked on site to create a video introduction for his shop promo Stag & Dagger Tattoo Promo
  • Creating video introductions for many small YouTube content creators

  • Motion Graphic Designer at Brilliant Social Media - August 2017 - October 2017
    Design and animate content for the social media accounts of food and drink brands.

  • Designed and animated campaigns and product launches for brands such as: Honey Monster Puffs, Goodfella's Pizza, Split The Bills, Beanies Coffee, FruityPot, Jelly Squeeze, Nothern Bloc and Indie Bay
  • Worked alongside content managers to develop marketing stratagies for specific brands

  • Videographer at Leeds Beckett Students' Union - September 2016 - July 2017
    Attend and film University and Students' Union events to create short promo films for Social Media.

  • Filmed 2016 Freshers Events, created highlight/ promo video for the SU
  • Filmed Charity events such as: Sleep on the Acre and Pride Awareness
  • Animated branding for SU events such as: SU Elections, Golden Robes, Rate Your Union, Union Awards and Social Media Promotion material
  • Designed animations to fit billboard screens around Leeds Beckett campus and Leeds city

  • Head of Visual Effects and Motion Graphics at Strawburry17 - October 2013 - March 2016
    Previously a VFX Intern, I ran the Visual Effects and Motion Graphic team at Strawburry17 remotely. I oversaw all visual effect projects and ensure that they were being dealt with in the right manner.

  • Managed a small team of 4 Visual Effects Artists and helped them develop their skills
  • Worked with top Graphic Designers to create over 15 different video introductions for web shows
  • Created a 4k production intro that is used on major releases such as "The Void", funded by New Form Digital
  • Animated short advertisement video bumpers for big brands such as State Farm, VidCon and The Hob Nob Shop
  • Modeled, Rigged and Composited 3D characters into over 30 shots
  • Worked and gained experience with 4K footage
  • Edited video interviews with popular bands at Warped Tour such as "We The Kings" and "One Ok Rock" for the Strawburry17 official website
  • Edited a video interview with Synthpop artist "Lights" for the Strawburry17 official website

    Leeds Beckett University - September 2015 - May 2018
    BSc (Hons) Computer Animation & Visual Effects

    Richard Huish College - September 2012 - May 2015
  • Photography - Lens and Light Based Media
  • Music Production - Recording & Producing using a DAW
  • Music Technology - Music Theory & Producing

  • OS X/Windows
  • Adobe CC
  • Houdini FX
  • Maxon Cinema 4D R11-18
  • Logic Pro X (Some Experience: Recording, Mixing, Sound Design)
  • Sandwich Aficionado

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